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XML Application Objects - API

Welcome to the API references documentation generated from the source code. The XAO library is still a work in progress and this reference documentation reflects that. Still, it will help early adopters to get up-to-speed with rapid development of scalable standards-based web applications.

This library/framework has be built by Terence Kearns and is made available to you at no cost via the Lesser General Public License. All contact should be directed through mailing lists and discussion forums hosted at the official website. This is where you will find comprehensive information regarding XAO. This reference is designed to accompany the tutorials which are supplied with the full XAO library download. Tutorials cannot be hosted on SourceForge since they do not support the DOMXML extension for PHP.

UML class diagram (a visual map)

This should help you find your way around the classes in this library. Lines indicate various relationships between classes. The big triangular arrow heads indicate inheritance and point from the child class to the parent class. The diamonds indicate an aggregate association. Meaning the object with at the diamond end will aggregate instances of the other class. The names shown in angled quotes are stereotypes.

The speculative stereotypes in the diagram indicate generally where your class will typically fit into the scheme of things. Typically, your classes will be based on content, and so you will inherit classes which are children or DomDoc, or you will inherit DomDoc directly. As you can see, it is safe to ignore most of the classes here. You really only need know DomDoc and AppDoc to use XAO effectively. Consult the bundled tutorials for guidance.

XAO class diagram

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