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This page was last updated Wednesday 24 September 2003


A road map metaphor is often used to describe project plans. This road map will be updated on a continuing bases but the general direction will remain the same. To keep up with the details, frequent the tasks section of this project on SourceForge.

Immediate plans

  1. Test the core classes
  2. release an alpha distribution

Medium term plans

  1. Add grouping functionality to DbToXml
  2. Stabilise the core classes
  3. Release a beta version and then a stable version

Longer term plans (version 2)

  • Develop a definative XML schema document for XAO messaging
  • Develop the XML-RPC component (3 classes at this stage)
  • Develop the Input control specification classes
  • Develop pure-XML database accessors (xmlDB) including support for Xindice

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