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XSLT is a technology with a lot of depth. There is no substitute for experience. I've found that you need as much help as you get get. Thankfully, because it is a standard, there is a plethora of information out there for it on the net. I've included some of my favourites here.
Official standards homepage
The W3C have a dedicated XSL website which has all the latest news and information on the specification. XSLT is only one of the two components of XSL. This website covers both. From here you will find lots of tutorials, references, official documents, mailing lists and other useful resources.
OASIS cover pages
The Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards have a dedicated site for XSLT. This site has an excellent introduction to the standard.
This is the best XSLT FAQ in existance
nuff said.
zvon.org - XSLT tutorials
This website has the best tutorials I've seen. Go here to learn XSLT and XPath.
Chapter 17 of the XML Bible, Second Edition : XSL Transformations
A free (printer friedly) excerpt from the book. Covers the following topics.
  • What Is XSL?
  • Overview of XSL Transformations
  • XSL Templates
  • Computing the Value of a Node with xsl:value-of
  • Processing Multiple Elements with xsl:for-each
  • Patterns for Matching Nodes
  • XPath Expressions for Selecting Nodes
  • The Default Template Rules
  • Deciding What Output to Include
  • Copying the Context Node with xsl:copy
  • Counting Nodes with xsl:number
  • Sorting Output Elements
  • Modes
  • Defining Constants with xsl:variable
  • Named Templates
  • Passing Parameters to Templates
  • Stripping and Preserving White Space
  • Making Choices
  • Merging Multiple Style Sheets
  • Output Methods

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