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This page was last updated Wednesday 24 September 2003


The XAO concept is a portable one. This website is dedicated to the PHP implementation of it. PHP is an excellent language in general and it is particularly good for prototyping. Below are useful links for PHP programmers.
Official home of PHP
Go here to find out the latest news on the technology and to find official documentation. You can also get the very latest download(s) here.
The PEAR class library
This is the official library for general-purpose PHP classes. I've included an FAQ item on why XAO is not part of PEAR. Here you can find ready-made classes with high-level functionality - such as database abstraction classes.
The Eclipse class library
This is a low-level library for PHP which includes a few high-level classes. It promotes a pure OO approach to PHP coding. IMHO, it has the most sensible approach out of all the libraries I've seen. It's database access classes a very good. This library complements XAO very well. In fact, it is included as part of the distribution so that XAO may utilise it directly in the future.
Sitepoint discussion forums - advanced PHP
Sitepoint has an advanced PHP programming section. I've found the community here to much more dynamic than most. I used to spend quite a bit of time on comp.lang.php until I discovered sitepoint.
PHP magazines
Software Development magazines
PostgreSQL object relation database management system
Quite simply the best open-source database system. Luckily for us, it has superb PHP support :)

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